Primary Care Physician in Bellingham, WA

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Primary Care Physician in Bellingham, WA

You may think you only require the care of a physician in Bellingham, WA when you don’t feel well. However, selecting a group of primary care physicians near you could benefit you in the long run. First and foremost, you’ll have care when you need it and close to you. Not to mention, choosing a PCP, or group of PCPs, who work with you regularly means you develop a relationship with your doctors, and they become familiar with your health. Plus, the primary care physicians at Chuckanut Family Medicine offer a wide range of services to patients.

Benefits of Having a PCP

You want to select a PCP for the convenience. You can call when you’re sick without the hassle of filling out your medical history over and over again. Who really wants to search for a physician and fill out an extensive amount of paperwork when they’re not feeling up to par?

You don’t have to worry about going to a doctor you’re not comfortable with either. Once you choose one of us as your primary care physician, we become familiar with you as a person. This reduces the amount of stress on you while decreasing the possibility of medical mishaps tremendously. Overall, you get a much better level of care when you see a physician who knows you.

By selecting a primary care physician, you choose to have a doctor who monitors you. The PCP notices even the slightest changes in your condition. A PCP also notices any patterns in the type of issues you have, such as recurring infections.

Services We Provide

We offer our patients sick care visits. We help our patients who are suffering from infections including both upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. We treat patients who have the common cold or flu. We see patients who have strep throat and pink eye also. Commonly, patients come into our Bellingham office with rashes and allergic reactions. At our office, we provide wound care as well

Our physicians provide routine wellness visits for patients throughout Bellingham and the surrounding region. Wellness visits are the ideal time for us to detect problems and intervene or monitor as necessary. Additionally, we can supply you with lifestyle advice to optimize the length of quality of your life.

Chronic conditions can affect your life in so many ways. If you don’t manage them, it’s possible to suffer from serious complications. Chuckanut Family Medicine stresses the importance of early detection in regards to the prognosis. Once we determine you have a problem, we immediately take the necessary steps to minimize the possibility of complications. Some common chronic conditions we manage include diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Whether you’re starting a new job or have a teen ready to drive, we offer physicals to comply with state or employer standards.

Why Choose Us

Besides the fact that we supply quality care locally to the Bellingham, WA area. We make ourselves as accessible to you as possible. We’re a team who works together to improve the health and wellness of our community, and we take every step to make the experience pleasant for you.

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